It never surprises me how things feel into place as we created the book. In keeping with the main theme of using talented young artists, one of those things that had to be fate, was meeting an artist at my daughter Mik’s university.

In trying to find someone that could create a video trailer for the book, I reached out to Mik and asked if she could get me an email and phone number for the film and theatre area at the University of Arizona. I reached out and my contact point was very quick to ask for something in an email they could forward to the student based.

School had just ended for the year, so I was not sure just who might respond. Within an hour, Hannah Akins gave me a call. We talked for a while and it became obvious that I wanted her to work on the project.

She specializes in something different, stop action video. As you may now understand, we are always looking to push the boundaries and try different things.

Hannah and I worked together on a concept and our goal was to create something that would display Hannah’s creativity, while acting as a true trailer and trying to inspire people to be interested in the book. Take a look!