Team Trouble is proud to present our second book, The Reason There’s Bubbles,”  and like the first book, it is designed as a read-aloud book for you to enjoy alone and with your children.  You’ll find whimsical poems and fun characters which will help kids understand that it’s okay to be different and that at times we all feel misunderstood.  But, that with love and kindness, and a sprinkling of fairy dust, anything is possible.


You’ll read how Finn is whisked away to Fairyland and that adventure is not far behind. “The Reason There’s Bubbles” continues the story of our little grey mouse who we first met in “The Trouble with Bubbles.”  In this new tale, Finn is brought into a magical world to use his clever mind and creativity to help protect the fairies. Along the way, he meets new friends—a clumsy red-headed squirrel, a mystical insect, and a self-conscious turtle—who will help him find a way to travel to a faraway land and fulfill a new quest.


Please explore our own fairyland within the website.  We hope that you’ll want to own the books and spend time enjoying the story with your children.

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