Team Trouble is proud to present our first book. One of our goals is to encourage everyone to read, and more specifically, to have parents read to their children. Some of the poems bring with them messages that parents can use to help children address various challenges they experience as they meet other kids and begin to grow.


The books also seek to show the value of working together. As you will see, it is a unique collaboration between writers and artists. We’ve created a team of young artists that range from high school students, college students, and artists just entering the workplace. They were asked to read two verses and illustrate what they read or felt. This continued throughout the book until that last poem was finished. This enabled us to bring new and different ideas to the book as each artists brought their own background and artistic style to the poems.


If you choose to own the book, you are purchasing original poems and artwork from 2 different writers and 7 different aspiring artists that worked on this particular book. In addition, there were several other people that were integral to how the book was created and how it evolved into what you see today. Information about the writer, artists, and other team members can be found by clicking on the Team Trouble tab. A portion of the purchase price will be set aside and will be earmarked to go to various schools that support the arts. Supporting the arts is another important goal that the team holds very close.

Please enjoy exploring the site. Once you do, we hope you will want to own the book.

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