One of the main goals of this book is to support the arts in various ways. A portion of the proceeds from the books will go towards schools or other entities that support the arts. We will have the artists discuss and decide where they would like the money to go.

The book also serves as a platform for the artists. It became a way for me to offer high school and college level students the opportunity to display their work in a published book. Whether they use it to develop their skill or use it as a resume item, it offers that opportunity.

It is my hope that we can do things with this and other books that are not normally seen. We will work to display poems and artwork in different formats and concepts that stretch poetry and art in creative directions. One way we can do something you don’t see often, is to offer something to our readers. And an opportunity to own something from this endeavor. Please come back to the site often and watch when we begin the process of offering the original artwork from the book for sale.

The majority of the proceeds from the sale will go directly to the artist and the school of their choice. We are looking at different ways to do this. At the moment, we are thinking about creating numbered lithographs of each piece. Perhaps only 100 per piece of art, and then also selling the original piece. You just might be able to own your favorite one.

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