One message that is important to know, is that anyone can write and create. As we continue to develop the web site, our desire is to provide ideas and collaborate with readers. An interesting way that a few of the poems in the book were created, were by me and my sister sending verses back and forth. I would start a poem and send a verse or two to her, and then she would send one or two back. We would continue until the poem was finished.

This was a fun way to create and is something you can do with anyone. You’ll find that poems can take unexpected turns and that you will feed off of each other’s ideas and direction. Before you know it, you’ll have created something special. In the future, I will post various bits of information about the journey we took in creating the book and how it went from an initial draft, to a very different final book. It’s amazing what happens when you work together and trust each other.

One thing I would like to do, is to try this with our readers. At some point in the near future, I will write a verse or two and post it on the web site. I’ll ask that anyone interested leave a reply in a specified amount of time. I’ll respond on email and together we can create something. It will be interesting and a great learning opportunity to all of us, to see how something that was started the same, can change into something completely unexpected.